New Technologies: Crash Prevention & Memory Acceleration

New Technologies: Crash Prevention & Memory Acceleration

Here at Rivanode we are always trying to push the boundaries and beat our competitors by introducing new products, features and technologies. Today we are ready to unveil some new technologies we have been testing for a little while. Today we are introducing Crash Prevention and Memory Acceleration.

Crash Prevention - Your shield against system overload

Crash Prevention is an advanced technology designed to monitor and manage the performance of your services during resource-intensive operations. It detects when your service is performing large operations and intervenes to prevent CPU and RAM overloads that could potentially crash your service.

How Crash Prevention works

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Crash Prevention continuously monitors the performance metrics of your service, including CPU and RAM usage. This real-time monitoring ensures that any spike in resource consumption is detected immediately.
  • Intelligent Detection: When a large operation begins, Crash Prevention analyzes its impact on the system. It identifies potential risks by assessing the operation's demand on CPU and RAM resources.
  • Proactive Intervention: Upon detecting a risk of overload, Crash Prevention steps in to manage the resource allocation. It employs strategies such as throttling, load balancing, or temporarily pausing non-essential processes to maintain optimal performance levels.
  • Seamless Operation: The intervention by Crash Prevention is seamless and transparent, ensuring that your service continues to run smoothly without any noticeable disruption to the end-users.


You can find Crash Prevention when checking out with an eligible product, the prices are:

  • Crash Prevention Enabled: $2 Extra Per Month

Memory Acceleration - Boost your memory, Maintain your speed

Memory Acceleration is an innovative feature that enhances your system's memory capabilities. When your service reaches its memory limit, Memory Acceleration steps in to provide additional memory resources, ensuring that you continue to enjoy fast RAM speeds without any compromise.

How Memory Acceleration works

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation: Memory Acceleration dynamically allocates additional memory resources as your service demands increase. This ensures that your operations continue without interruption, even when the system is under heavy load.
  • Seamless Integration: The feature integrates seamlessly with your existing memory infrastructure. It automatically detects when your service is about to max out its available memory and instantly provides the necessary boost.
  • Consistent Performance: By supplying extra memory, Memory Acceleration maintains the high-speed performance of your RAM. This means your applications continue to run smoothly, without the typical slowdowns associated with high memory usage.
  • Optimized Resource Management: Memory Acceleration intelligently manages memory resources to prevent wastage. It ensures that additional memory is provided only when needed, optimizing the overall performance of your service.


You can find Memory Acceleration when checking out with an eligible product, the prices are:

  • Performance: $2 Extra Per Month
  • Ultra performance: $4 Extra Per Month