Rivanode Keynote Mid-Q1

Take a look at the Rivanode Mid-Q1 for important updates on our business.

Rivanode Keynote Mid-Q1


This article will go into detail about what Rivanode has been doing during the first half of Q1 2024 to ensure that it's business grows.


We are pleased to announce that Rivanode has successfully achieved its primary objective for Q1 by significantly reducing prices while ensuring profitability for both Rivanode and its esteemed suppliers. Through collaborative efforts with our suppliers, who have generously provided us with new machinery and tools, we have achieved our target of lowering prices by a minimum of 15%.

In light of the prevailing economic conditions, particularly with the recent entry of the UK into a presumed recession, Rivanode has made the strategic decision not to further reduce prices in the latter half of Q1. We believe it is prudent to maintain stability amidst uncertain economic forecasts.

As we move forward, we remain committed to prudent financial management and will review our pricing strategies in our forthcoming End-Q1 Keynote, where we will assess market conditions and adjust our approach accordingly.


Rivanode has expanded its team by two members since the conclusion of 2023, with these additions allocated to the customer support and trust and safety departments. Our initial target for the end of Q1 2024 was to bolster the customer support team by two members and the trust and safety team by one member. Regrettably, as of Mid-Q1, we have not achieved this objective.

Efforts were made to attract potential candidates by circulating the application form within our inner community on Discord. However, this initiative resulted in fewer than anticipated applicants, with only five individuals coming forward. Subsequently, none of these applicants were deemed suitable for the respective roles.

Moving forward, Rivanode remains committed to enhancing our team and ensuring the fulfillment of essential roles. We will intensify our efforts by extending the career application outreach to a broader audience within the public domain, aiming to attract a more diverse and qualified pool of candidates.


Rivanode has undergone several iterations of logos and brand identities throughout its brief history, a topic frequently raised by our valued community members. In response to this feedback, Rivanode has reverted to its most recognizable brand mark from its inception not long ago. While minor adjustments have been made to align with Rivanode's emphasis on speed, the fundamental essence of the mark remains consistent with its original form.

We wish to assure our community that this decision is final and will not be subject to reassessment. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to further engaging with you under this renewed brand identity.


On 04/02/2024, Rivanode proudly introduced two innovative products named "X Plans". These plans revolutionize customer experience by offering the flexibility to tailor Discord bot and Minecraft hosting servers to individual specifications, empowering users with unprecedented control over their services. Anticipated to be high-volume offerings, these plans were designed to cater to diverse customer needs.

However, despite our initial expectations, the product uptake has not met projections. Rivanode attributes this lower-than-expected volume to what some refer to as the "January Depression" or "Early-Year Lows", a phenomenon where consumers prioritize saving after holiday expenditures.

In an effort to mitigate this trend, Rivanode launched a discount campaign in January. Regrettably, this initiative did not yield the desired results.

While we acknowledge the current market dynamics, we remain committed to refining our strategies and enhancing customer engagement. Your feedback and support are invaluable as we navigate through these challenges and continue to innovate.


Today, Rivanode announces the discontinuation of its code hosting product line. This decision stems from a thorough evaluation revealing that this particular offering consistently underperforms in both sales and overall attractiveness within our business portfolio.

We understand that this announcement may prompt questions, and we are committed to providing support and guidance to affected customers during this transition period. Our team remains focused on delivering high-value solutions aligned with our core strengths and market demands.